Topics include INLA, Bayesian modeling, the SPDE approach, and spatial/temporal modeling.

The identifier for a topic is BTopicXYZ, where the XYZ comes in chronological order. The goal is that each webpage is product tested by more than one reviewer, it is then noted as “Finished”.

The topics

BTopic101: No topic.

BTopic102: Seeds example Quality:Final

BTopic103: Simulation and inference with the Barrier model Quality:OK webpage

BTopic104: Mesh Creation including Coastlines Quality:OK webpage

BTopic106: Using a pure-iid model for the Seeds data Quality:Draft

BTopic107: The Barrier model applied to the Archipelago data Quality:OK webpage

BTopic108: A first example of spatial data modeling (Calcium data) Quality:OK webpage

BTopic109: Installation and general troubleshooting Quality:OK webpage

BTopic110: Ramsay’s horseshoe and the Barrier model Quality:OK webpage

BTopic112: Predictions with iid effects - overdispersed poisson example Quality:OK Webpage

BTopic113: Multivariate predictions on held-out data - binomial example Quality:OK Webpage

BTopic114: How to make a bad mesh Quality:OK Webpage

BTopic115: Analysing unemployment data with the AR1 Model Quality:Draft

BTopic116: Unemployment data example Quality:OK webpage

BTopic117: Time series and nonlinear effects: Simulation-Inference Quality:Draft

BTopic119: A set of exercises Quality:Draft

BTopic120: Basic computations with precision matrix: AR1 example Quality:Draft

BTopic121: How INLA deals with hyper-parameters: 1D Reconstruction example Quality:Draft

BTopic122: A simple spatial model: Simulation-inference Quality:Ok webpage

BTopic123: Parametrisations matter for interpretation: Seeds example Quality:Draft

BTopic124: Unknown covariates are included in the Gaussian noise Quality:OK webpage

BTopic125: What I think about overdispersed Poisson Quality:OK webpage

BTopic127: Polygons and Coastlines OK webpage:Draft

BTopic128: Apply Barrier Model to the Archipelago Data OK webpage:Draft (This is an extended version of btopic107, expected to replace 107 in the near future.)

Quality levels

Draft: Not recommended for reading. The idea is there but the execution is poor.

OK webpage: A suitable version 1.

Error checked: Checked for mathematical errors and spell-checked.

Product tested: Tested by at least one person (other than me).

Final: Tested on several people, statisticians and applied practitioners. (Can still be updated with minor changes.)

Other pages

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