This webpage is as of December 2019 moved to [https://haakonbakkagit.github.io/]

When Bitbucket stops supporting “hg”, this webpage will probably automatically be removed.

I will NOT keep this page up to date, instead I will update the [https://haakonbakkagit.github.io/]


This website is for hosting material related to the statistical tool R-INLA and the SPDE approach and my own research.

This website is under development.

Warning on r versions

I recently updated to R 3.6, and had to change some of the scripts because of this.s

The .R files

In any BTopic, go to the web-page address (e.g. command+l), replace the .html with .R, and this should give the same R file. It is a lot easier to get the code this way than to copy-paste line by line!

What can you use this webpage for?

I get questions like: Can I use this for

The answers to all of these is “yes”. Please add an acknowledgement of this webpage when you do so.

However, if you are inspired to write papers based on some of the ideas you see here, I may already be doing that. I would be happy to hear from you, and I can clarify if we are working on the same idea.

Online / Offline use

The online webpage is at [https://haakonbakka.bitbucket.io/].

To use this webpage offline, download the bitbucket repository at [https://bitbucket.org/haakonbakka/haakonbakka.bitbucket.org/downloads/], open the folder and click on index.html.

Philosophy (of this website)

The explanations in this website are through pictures, figures and computer code.

The text on the website is informal, trying to paint a picture and give the right notions, ideas and intuition. If you want rigorous mathematics, see the papers that are referenced/linked throughout the website. The goal of a paper is usually to be precise and impressive, but the goal of these pages is to make things look simple and to speak to your intuition.

Why am I using html and not pdf? Because I want to use hyperlinks! I want you to be able to open new tabs, and use the “back” arrow in your browser. To open a figure in a new tab (and you can look at two figures side by side in two windows). I want to integrate other websites and content, e.g. youtube videos.


Plan for the site: Add topics as requested by you, and to fill the gaps in the topic organisation.